No More of This


Good question, what would I change

well I would change alot of things

no more of signs thrown by gangs

and the sound of the world going BANG!

but that's only one thing that bothers me

help and throw money

You're wealthy, you're rich

assist and help stop poverty

I would change RASCISM

we shouldn't have went against eachother

fighting against one another

hatred was the word

but why would I see,

back in the old days

people in BLACK and WHITE pictures,

We should have had sense of

respect for each other

there's different colors of the world of

Men, Women, Boys, and Girls

we are like an ice cream swirl.

I would change murder

there shouldn't be no thing as Killers


and vice versa

Vice versa meaning

no WHITE vs BLACK murders.

 Even the OLD and TEENAGERS

they do it,

and I would change that,

the Old needs to focus on life

and the teenagers

need to focus on their calculators.

No more diseases, gonnorhea and have answers

to get rid of AIDs and different cancers.

I would change Slavery,

should of never been there at all

In order to say that

back in the day now thats Bravery.

Those are things I would change

but all I can do

is help people with their lives

through the thunder and rain.



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