No love for a sinner

No love for a sinner
The battered and broken heart pleading for a new start.
Searching for affection in a needle set for injection.
Using pleasure to mask the pain that's been hidden amongst a sin filled stain.
No love for a sinner
Who's only love is for deceit covered by clever words that sound so sweet.
With eyes that draw you in just to push you out again.
Ones with a sweet embrace but lead to distraught in every case.
No love for a sinner
That tries to undo the past but its tightly bound to them like a cast.
That wants to do right but their faults held over them in the light
Who have been just as hurt as those they drug through the dirt.
No love for a sinner.
It seems we can never break free
From the judgment of our actions or the guilt that leaves no traction
To rise above our darkest desires and stand reborn like a Phoenix from the fire.
So love yourself even on the most troubling day despite what these other sinners may say

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Our world


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