No Love; From a Dog's POV

Its been months since I felt love
My last owner didn't love me;
I would have been "home" if he loved me.
Instead I'm on the ground far from home,
Unable to get up because he thrown me off a bridge;
Left me for dead; no he doesn't love me.
He caused my leg to be fractured; he doesn't love me.
Months later my foot healed; I wandered the streets daily to find shelter;
Most importantly find love.
I didn't have anybody.
Every day I waited for my death to arrive;
I met people but they didn't love me.
They would pet me, act like they were going to give me food, but tricked me.
This one guy kicked me so hard I thought he broke my ribcage; no he didn't love me.
Even if I were to mind my business and drink water from the streets left from a storm,
I would get kicked or hit with a bar.
Its been months and I still didn't find anyone to love me.
Just because I'm a stray doesn't mean I deserve to live this way;
It doesn't mean I won't love back.
But that wouldn't change the fact that no one will love me.
I've taken a risk roaming the streets alone; helpless; hungry; starving
No one loves me.
Or else I wouldn't be starving.
I was desperate.
One sunny and very hot day, I spotted a little girl with a sandwich in her hand;
She also spotted me and with a grin she lowered her sandwich.
Could it be? Could this be the day I would win the heart of this little girl?
Would she feed me, hug me, and love me?
I slowly walked up to her and she suddenly threw her sandwich on the floor;
She was giving it to me, I knew it;
She was willing to love me.
By the look of her eyes and her hand gestures I knew she was trying to show me the attention and the love I needed.
As soon as I lowered my head to reach the sandwich because I was starving, a fist landed on my jaw.
Little did I know that she had an adult right behind her;
He yelled with anger, she yelled with fear for me.
I ran.
He ran.
I was so scared that he was going to kill me.
At that point I didn't realize that I ran into traffic;
Before I could turn back around... all was pitch black...
I thought I would find love at last but no they wouldn't love me.

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