No Longer Divided but Unified

Don't believe the hype with the Gov't categorizing lies about POC we are all

shades who tell a different story but when bled together we become one voice, Unified.

"We are no longer the Land of the Divided but the Unified. Unified, Unified, Unified,

(bring the jazz) Unified." (2x) 

Here we talk about matters on Water and Air Pollution but the real toxicity is Hatred 

burning through our Ozone Layer. We better start getting down and pray here. To become

one and talk about issues that are left under the sun, exposed to the world, but never dealt

with on our own terms. #BLM, Hmmmm why the Trend? Cut the division for we

are now the Land of the Unified. Unified (3x). 

I don't care if you're Latino, Asian, Indian, still apart of the conclusion so what is 

this confusion? Last time I check Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan are

next to China. Japan you better kick out the man who came to take your land,

Westernization is Dehumanization, Hide the Nucs, cuz America

can't face Man to Man combat, Generational Genocide. All minorities must come 

together to create One Nation. 

Unified (3x). 

Man If you are the home of the brave then why is the United Nation afraid to fit

into Ethiopia Nation, 100,000 times over. Unified (3x). I guess it will be over 

if the world becomes one Ethiopian Nation= Minorities on top.

Now, let us get acquainted with the fact that fear is running through the veins 

of the White Man knowing his oppression is merely a mirage and minorities 

of the world are really the majority.

"Land of the Free"we laugh at the phrase, because the Brits today still have a say

and if you don't believe me, then how come the english tongue raped every culture

Stripped Identity.

"Unified (3x). No Longer the Land of the Divided but the Unified."

This poem is about: 
Our world


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