No Longer Anchored

Innocent and pure

A girl who wanted so much more

The chance to travel and learn

If only I knew how not to get burned

A new school with freedom and hope

A chance to be reborn 

One poor mistake it had to take

For you to get a chance to break

Break my spirit and my purity

You were the cause of those scars on my body

The forgiveness I gave you

Hoping to remake you not shatter you

You abused and manipulated me

Took my love for granted and left me on empty

Refused to refill my tank and watched my heart crumble

Yes you lied to me and yelled and shouted causing those halls to rumble

Rumble with my loud silence

Unable to speak and cry for weeks

You were all I wanted and yet

You were not one to be trusted

I tried so hard to keep you

But my bruises were a reminder to leave you

Your eyes, your smile, your bleached up hair

You were a beautiful nightmare

That gold chain you gave me as a promise

Was like an anchor and sank to the bottom of the ocean

So manipulative and brilliant

My hopeful heart was taken

Like the Joker I was your Harley Quinn

I gave you a loaded weapon

But when the time came to jump into the acid

Someone saved me from the ashes

Now I start a new semester on this campus

Not as the victim

But as a winner

You took what was given

But I now stand tall and clean

I'm not fully healed

Like my skin my heart has scars

But I pray every night to the Lord above

To heal the tragic word of love

That I have come to loathe

That one day he will bring the right man

To whom I will be betrothed 


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