No Longer

When I am no longer
May my daughter be brilliantandBeautiful
10 times stronger
when I'm no longer
May she have knowledge and aspire to be wise
the ability and confidence to rise
when I am no longer
Ill wish her distance from hurtful lies
bold enough to intimidate cowards and their lies
When I am no longer
may she have freedom and choice
She'll embrace the Lord
peace and serenity to often rejoice
when I'm no longer
I pray I am remembered memories of me
my love unmeasurable
priceless.... no fee
In abundance and so pure
Only the Lord himself could see
when I'm no longer
someone tell her she is the one who saved me
Credit to her grandmother she infused thee
when I am no longer
I'll leave a queen filled with hunger
she will build and she will conquer
when I am no longer
I will send love and angels to surround her
darkness will range because it never found her
when I am no longer
May she be kind and compassionate
extremely adored and the world
will long her
when I'm no longer
her eyes with creative vision
her ears calm and patient to listen
when I am no longer
she will know the importance of tradition
She'll move mountains with her ambition
when I am no longer
Not knowing and enjoying my last feast
I accomplished for she is my greatest Masterpiece

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My family
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