No Hope Is To Be Found


United States
32° 55' 6.5136" N, 117° 8' 17.664" W
United States
32° 55' 6.5136" N, 117° 8' 17.664" W
Fighting grief for the rising sun,
Another day is gone and come.
We recede into the blackest night,
Instinct pulsing, adrenaline high.
Run now, little girl, there's no time to waste.
Leave all, save none. Go now, make haste.
Dawn is coming.
Death is upon us.
Men like animals stab and prod
As upon this wretched earth we trod. 
"March! March until you die!"
Surely this is only a lie?
This cannot happen, this cannot be.
The simple question rings, "Why me?"
Yes, 'Why us? Why now?' We said.
Because the evil of man roars its ugly head, 
And all the earth falls to its knees,
Flailing appeasement, taking heed
In every picture worth releasing,
And still doing nothing is never ceasing.
Why has this world come to a stand-still,
When its heart, its people, have fallen ill?
Mainly because no one is willing.
No one enjoys changing their way of living.
Why you, my dear? You ask, why you?
The answer is clear.
You are a Jew.
Hope peaks like the Morning Star
As we march up to our cattle car. 
The last chance to be saved,
The last prayer to be made...
When out comes a figure all dressed in white.
Could it be, in such blackness, a flicker of light?
The body is tossed to the ground.
No hope is to be found.


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