#No Filters


I’m sixteen and I’ve never made myself a full dinner

I wouldn’t mind being a little thinner

I've never been kissed or asked to a school dance


I hate the way my voice sounds and how certain songs seem to put me in a trance

I’m unhealthily passive aggressive and I can only go to sleep in a dark room

I could eat bananas all day and I’m almost positive I was already dancing before I came out of the womb

I have never had my own closet and I always get food stuck in my braces

I’m extremely short and I love anything with lace

If one were to read this on an online dating website I would probably never get any dates

But people forget that there is beauty in everything if you look past the mistakes

I have big eyes and three prominent beauty marks on my face

I have an excellent memory and I’m always the winner in a game of chase

I’m a decent singer and a very loyal friend

I might not be good a sports or first impressions

But there is no reason why I should mask that just for good commentation

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