No Apologies: An Act of Contrition

I won’t apologize
for my complex emotions that can be your ecstasy or your next nightmare.
I won’t apologize
for being the one who won’t bow down to your word and whim.
For not stooping at your command.
I’m gonna take the latitude to say that my attitude is the worth the fight
and there
won’t be 
The chocolate abyss in my eyes fire my confidence like a vial of poison. 
My beauty isn’t a tool but a hazard 
to those who don’t know.
My personality is the sea’s storm: 
calm at dawn
a diver’s death at dusk.  
I am a thorn on a rose 
that an onlooker can mistake for flawlessness.
I won’t apologize
for making you confuse the misconception of my quietness is of fear.
I’m not a threat because I am quiet and frail
But am a threat because I am quiet and patient.
Don’t get my friendliness confused with desire
And don’t get comfortable with the familiar pattern of my lifestyle.
I am that cold of night that you long to sleep under 
But know will be the death of you the next morning. 
I won’t apologize
 for the misunderstandings
Because even I am unsure of my fickle being.  


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