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My life was perfect, my life was great
A million friends, all at my command.
I loved it, needed it, and yes I still do long for it
But if you ask me have I let go? The answer is still no.

The earthquake of my life, came to me a night
You called a family meeting, an emergency that just wasn’t right.
You said we were moving, you gave me a fright
I screamed. I cried. I just couldn’t see the light.

Without a doubt you took me away, February 18th my last day.
I cried an endless river of tears. All I dreamt, now my fears
My heart ached. My head pained.
I was still dazed, but yet amazed.

February 24th my new life begin, still angry and hoping for a helping hand.
I wandered around Endeavour as if I knew where I was going,
When deep down inside I needed some showing.

I stuck out like a cat trying to hide in a hat.
People just stopped and stared as if they cared.
I held my head up high, doing my best not to sigh.
Brick walls stopped and started talking and looking, pointing and whispering

Getting pissed off I walked up to one, introduced myself and sadly was shunned.
Embarrassed and shy I walked away until heard someone say, “Hey”!
Looking their way I returned the kind gesture, still trying to find the kid named Lester.
She stopped. She stared, her and her group.
She made her way to me, “Are you new”?

Shaking my head I said, “Yes”, hoping to make progress.
She introduce herself and her friends quickly followed, I no longer felt ever so shadowed.
As the usual round of questions flowed, I could feel my shyness still grow.
Sensing this they slowed down on me which allowed me to calm down so suddenly.

We became friends and yes we still are friends and our friendship is sealed up like a jelly jar.
We share laughs and even ugly paths.
We love each other just like our mother.
To this day the answer still remains
Have I let go? And the answer is still no.



Great poem :-)

Really nice repetition! ur poem has a great story line nd u had me smiling by the end lol


Thankyou very much.

debra o

Nice poem, I loved every single line!!!!!

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