On the day of July 20, 1969
A fateful man changed the outlook of mankind
The first steps he recorded in outer space
Captivated and astonished the entire human race
Now as I look up at the moon and the stars
I realize those unique objects in the sky aren't too far
The beauty of the moon and stars is easy to see
Its beauty makes you wonder like, watching a mystery movie
As I look up at the sky, I think about the complexity of space
Not only how close it is, but how it's such a different place
It's amazing how God made the moon and stars coincide
How it led the slaves to freedom, and how it raises our water's tide
How it's beauty reflects on water with a sparkly gleam
And how it also represents reaching high for your goals and dreams
The moon and stars represent something very deep and bright
It represents a mystery of passion and adventure you see every single night
It's unique beauty stares at us when the sun goes down
It allows us to escape from the world; to be unbound
So every evening as I stare at the night sky
Sometimes for good reasons and others I don't know why
I'll look at the bright moon and the twinkling star
And realize these objects represent my potential can go very far
How far it is, and how high can it go
Just like the amount of stars in space, only God can ever now.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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