I can't breathe, I can't talk,

my legs are stuck as I try to walk.

My face is white, everything is a blur,

I can't forget what just occured.

I try to blink, I try to think,

I feel like a baby in the kitchen sink.

I'm three inches tall, the keys up there,

won't somebody help me, this isn't fair.

Cars are dancing, flowers are singing,

everything changing, bells are ringing.

The man is burned and the burns tell tales of pain,

he might as well have died because the life he lived was in vain.

The man is back, back in my mind,

I remember way back, when I was nine.

I will never sleep again, he's coming to get me,

this is the end.

No it's not, I'm trapped in my room,

I play the game, or die in the tomb.

I can choose to live or choose to cry,

save the world, or watch them die.

If I choose wrong, am I going to hell?

I ended up like the girl, stuck in the well.

I keep climbing up, I keep falling down,

but the I wake up, before I hit the ground.

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