Close your eyes,

Go to sleep,

                Dream of us-

As deep drums

                Mark the beginning.


Ravenous human shadows

Singing brutal blood-stained

Strums on a skeleton violin


Venomous hooded creatures

Drum the heartbeats,

To throb behind locked eyes.


Beasts chant wicked sounds,

Towering in blanket caves,

Echoing hollow wails

Like a dead radio

Repeating the contagious kill,

Infecting the air to the lone prey.

Midnight curses the wounded ears,

Haunting dreams

To awaken the dead.


We taunt you at night

For your helpless pleas’

                Of escaping our song-

We cry in victory at night

For your burdened mind

                Of our bloody shadows-

We crave your tears at night

For your desired end

                Of our dead symphony-

We hunger your fear at night

For your sweet dreams

                That do not exist

                                In reality.




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