The ground is cold and dirty
The shackles on your wrists are sturdy
The room is dark, very quiet
You can escape, you have to try it
Wait until the coast is clear
Be still and silent when they're near.

Now's your chance
C'mon, run!
Look, see that?
That's the sun.
But what is it you hear?

A dull thumping.
Your breath's uneasy, heart is jumping
The doors creak when you open them
You're dragged back into the filthy den
With the big henchmen and the evil man
Struggle and use all the strength that you can.

They strap you to a metal table
And pick up a bottle with a deadly label
Standing above you, big and tall
In a panic, you kick
Someone falls.

You go to scream, no noise is heard
When your parents wake you, you can't say a word.


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