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Dark and terror all around me
He is trying to define my destiny
Distributing doubt and anger inside me
Taking over my mind and feelings
He is tall, his presence overtakes everything
His words are an evil lullaby that caresses
my dreams into an evil state of trance
I have no control, he is the ringmaster of my dreams
I want to escape, but his words threaten me
He reminds me of the real reason why this is happening
He comes from an eternal world in which he rules
The journey is like never ending stairs that lead to nowhere
I ask him "what do you want from me?"
He responds nothing but powerful silence,
making the room shatter into pieces of truth
He reminds me to not speak, but to
Only listen to my heartbeat and seek the truth
That reassures me that he -- the mysterious tall creature
that crawls in my mind during midnight
is here to rescue me from the emotional labyrinth of tragedy
That I am trapped in with no way out.


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