Night Storm

Silver shining, lightly lying, beneath the bellowing clouds

Creeping slowly, settling flowing, rising from the ground

Not a whisper or a sigh, missing or awry, in the wondering eye

Hanging stiffly,surely nift, in a beautifully colored sky

Wind blowing, leaves showing, not yet dead or bare. 

Mist spraying cats baying, a amist the rising heir

glowing colors, million wonders, start to go astray

Until at last, time has passed, and washed them all away

Closing doors, ending wars, the time to go inside

watching careful, wishing, prayerful, for the next ride

Falling gently, silence plenty, all around the new atmosphere

Slightly eerie, no comparing to the time before, I fear

Darkening steadily, awaiting readily for its viewing stage

Rumbling deeper, air wetter, escaping out of its cage

Now it growls, starts to rouse, and drops pierce the air

Clouds hatching, liquid catching, on a passer-buyer's hair

Swaying hard, sounding murder, upon the soft frail ground

Instead healing, resting cleaning, appears all around

Dancing fearless, moving careleess, the children are outside

Playing, singing, laughing, sneaking upon the wild side

flickering lights, cold wind sights, knock around for hours

bursting coldly, stopping boldly, for the velvet chaos has lost its power


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