A Night To Remember

A not so big bed.... On a chilling cold night, there I was, not feeling any of the cold breeze that was blowing at 2am. It must have been a dream! It has to be! Because such closeness between you and the person you love so intensely, occurs in a dream...It was a while since I could remember any of my dreams, and yet, it looked like I was living it. But, all my wonders ceased to exist when I eventually saw the face of the love of my life, just laying beside me in close proximity, sharing the same blanket and I realized that I was living the dream, and that some dreams do come true. After grasping the reality, I was fully awake, your lovely but a-bit sleepy face flashed before my eyes...there it was, the most beautiful face that I have seen.... and it was so close to me that I could just gently run my fingers across the edges of it, just to be assured that it was really happening, that it was not a fantasy. We were tired, tired after studying for an exam which we were a bit nervous about...and yet our tiresome body didn't go to sleep.... it was as if our hearts and bodies wanted to enjoy the moment which we were going to share, because we may wake up being sleep deprived, but the memories and conversations would make up for it.... We laid our drowsy body onto our pillows, which were separated not even by an inch.... You were facing me, and I too had the privilege of watching you so closely... While I was looking into your eyes, I suddenly started to realize things that I have wanted to speak to someone, the fragments of my life which were unfortunate, repressed inside my subconsciousness,and in you, they found an outlet, because they saw a comfort of sort which they never had before.... We started having random conversations, shared a few laughs in between. I thought that this moment could not get any better, it was perfect... but just after a while, you proved me wrong....You took both of my hands and placed them in yours and it stayed like that for as long as I could have only dreamed of. I never imagined that I would get to experience this with you, and yet at that moment, it seemed like all this was meant to happen, because the comfort that I felt in holding those hands were not in comparison of any warm blankets in a cold night... Nothing compares to your hand. My fingers refused to work and were static in connection with yours. I wanted to put my arms around you, so that I could feel I was at home. I can't say I've felt that sort of intimacy with anyone...For a moment, you knew all my secrets, without me even having to share it with you...It was as if you understood that your gesture had taken away all my worries which I was going through that time and placed me in a state of ecstasy....We were like that for a while...but our conversation got more serious.... We were leaning into the fact that the other face which we both saw, was trustworthy and was only concerned about our well being...I was no longer feeling any cold....we both were wrapped in the same blanket, with a small distance between us, but it didn't get in the way of our souls coming together....we were holding hands, our feet were placed in the same spot, one above the other...it didn't came as a surprise that I was feeling like I should enjoy this moment in slow motion or that I may want us to be like this forever, perhaps even more closely....after our deep conversations it felt, just like the cold,the time was passing by too and you were going into sleep... And just when i thought that this perfect moment will be the best thing in my life,you surprised me again.... You took my left hand, placed it under your right cheek and fell asleep.... it was as if all the cottons of the pillow piled together were not able to provide you with the comfort which my bare hands did... and while you slept, I envisioned my life with you and imagined every night to be as special as this... and while my heart was pumping with joy, the only regret that was running through my mind was that this moment is going to end soon.... but I didn't let this thought overcome my best experience of life....I enjoyed every second of the 15minutes watching you while you slept peacefully on my hand.... and then the time came when this moment had to end...I had to wake you which I did with the heaviest thing placed onto my heart and escorted you to the other bed, just a few feet way from where I would sleep, so that even while sleeping, if, by any means my sleep got interrupted and I had to open my eyes, I would gaze on you and then again go back to sleep knowing you are not far off.....with all these thoughts pondering together inside my head, I followed you to your bed,watched you lay down on it until you were comfortably off to sleep.....and while you slept, I contemplated every moment, every second of what I had just experienced, and while it gave me immense joy, the thought of that this may be the only time I would be so close to you made me morose. Perhaps, it may be so, but my heart wanted to believe that it was the first of many nights, that sharing the night together with you was the only way I could fall asleep peacefully, just to wake up again next to you.

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