Night Gladiolus

Fri, 06/10/2016 - 16:26 -- gwatson

Sway with the wind, that's what they told me.


How could you be so bold!

That’s how they’d scold me.


I prefer to rise with the moon.

Fluttering ever so lightly with Corvus,

Having staring contest to the death with Draco.


Taking a break from Jupiter and Neptune's arguments,

Mercury and I watch Venus streak across the sky.

The stars, are but lights shining just for her bright as the sun.


Nocturnal animals creep out of the fog of the forest.

Dancing commences, everyone watches the show.

The people, keep walking oblivious to this.


Many of my brothers, and sisters too

Did not make it through this winter. May they sleep in peace.

Thrips-the vile creatures-continue to diminish our numbers.

One by one we die, soldiers on the field.


The constellations cannot help me with this problem.Neither can, the Stars, or planets.

Oblivious to the massacre that occurs. Right. Under. There. Noses.

The humans could care less. As. They. Walk. By.

Soon I shall sleep, for morning rises.


I hoped to see the moon again, as a lawn mower plays its tune.


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Our world


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