Night, Darkness and the Aesthetics of Black...

Night, Darkness
and Black-
so many perspectives
so many interpretations...
like the owl-
called tecolote, bu
an omen,
familiar of witches...
whereas in Europe,
he is kindly and wise.
And I, myself, who has always
the aesthetics of black-
the dark pearl,
rare and " different..."
While even as a girl,
though I loved horses
unicorns, the winged Pegasus
wouldn't enchant me
no, I wanted a steed
glossy and black.
And now my art is through
my words
and not my hands
still, I understand
how color is enhanced
on a background of
wether ceramics or
and the vividness of embroidery
against a black cloth-
dazzling as stars
in the inky night
as diamonds displayed
on black
as a necklace of jet-
- of obsidian
on a pale, slender throat.


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