Night and Day

We do not dwell in the hours in between

When light is grey and shadows lean

Although our words and faces may betray

You and I are night and day


Crossing the heavens and changing the sky

The sun brings together you and I

By the fall of dusk and spring of dawn

Together and apart, right where we belong


And though we face one another with the power of speech

We always lay just outside of the other’s reach

With your fingers black and mine filled with light

Our bond proves the coexistence of day and night


We could not be more different

But somehow we feel the same

For we both love the untouchable

And are touched by the pain


So while I rest I’ll think of your moon

And the way it reflects the rays of my sun

And despite that I know it not to exist

I’ll keep searching for a place where we’ll become one




I love it!

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