A Night About Town


Where are we

Is it Rome, Pari?

Could my heart be in love yet my knees still feel weak?

Is the air filled with sweet uncomforting songs

Of people in love who can’t stay for long


Almost dreaming I see

Almost feeling, yet still I’m unbelieving

For how is my mind downtown in Berlin

When my heart skips a beat to Caro Mio Ben

If my mind is right and my stomach wrong

Then I’m happy just thinking of church bells and gongs


When the day comes around and I’m sleeping sound

Remember I’m dreaming of the French men in town

Remember I’m dancing in glass little shoes

That make wishes come true

That Italy’s a beautiful sight

And we’re all longing for another night


So when I'm asleep in my small little bed

Dreaming of dancing and beautiful men

Think of the plain day in Salt Lake

And let me be until half past three


This poem is about: 
Our world


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