I'm alone with my thoughts again

Night is when I feel nothing but pain

I'm alone, I'm scared, get me distracted. Please, I wanna stay sane.

My brain is slowly killing me, it making me think images that make me feel lame.

I am not enough and never I'll be,

that's the negative thought I always see. 

But it's not the only thing, there's always something more, My mind wants me dedder than the dead sea.

I feel a pain in my chest,

my heart aches, it's beating too fast,

but I don't want to leave, I want to stay. I'm probably too stressed,

and it's all because of the thing that inhabits my head. They're an unwanted guest

that wont leave me alone. It's a friend, sees me more of a prey

they're getting ready to get me fully on the bay.

But I will resist, they will pay

for all the pain they caused to me and my friends. 


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