The Next Step

19 years walking around this planet, and finally i see the problems of todays society.

We as mankind are created to love one other and care of each other yet, mankind creates this manpulatives pyramid scheme that the rats on the bottom run hours after hours just to stay alive.

Our U.S governement is the biggest lier on the face of this planet, yet we see them as Kings. 

Legalizing harmful substances to make profit and illegalizing herbal substances that can save mankind from all types of sickness and diseases. 

The war on drugs that is.

Election, fake.

Debt, fake. Not to mention college as a business for the government.

TV, fake.

FDA cures, fake.

GMO food, Fake.

Religion, FAKE.



From all this you might think, well at least we have homeland security because we pay all our taxes, thats what its going towards right? Think again. Fake!

Our government is nothing but the greatest disguised scheme on the face of this planet. Literally right in front of our face, but yet we accept the terms of such silly conditions. Why? Because we conform. Because we are afraid to be hurt and not take a stand. We need to take the next step and thats to recreate our government system. From research of testimonies from people that say they traveled to the future and back, they saw the next step, that is. A society protected by computer and robot cops, not manpulative human cops.The next step for the future is to take down the U.S government and recreate it with technology.  


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