For the next 180 days

I will wake up early,

collect my books,

and swing my computer bag over my shoulder.


I will open my locker,

shove my book on the top shelve,

and drink my coffee on the way to class.


I will stumble into class 3 minutes early,

scan the room for friends--

and sit away from them to enhance my attention towards the lecture.


I will ignore phone calls,

spend hours on home work,

and write everything down I am too busy to say--


For the next 180 days,


For the next 180 days

I will dedicate

never procrasinate

push my friends away


and refuse to wait.


For 12 years ago,

before I became this,

someone told me 

education is the key.


For the next 180 days I will hold the key in my hand,

and search for the door-- 

hoping it's at the end. 







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