New York City

Taxi horns honking at the one that's in front

Drivers yelling out of their windows, calling people "runts".

To escape all of the ruckus, I go to the park,

But it's not wise to go after it gets dark.

There are bad criminals on the streets of the Big Apple;

Shootings and gang violence right in front of the chapel.

The police usually handle these types of things.

They're used to busting thieves and prostitution rings.

But let's not forget that New York City can be good.

Don't just think about the gangs from the Hood.

Think of Lady Liberty standing with pride,

And all of the brave soldiers who fought and died.

We are very blessed to live in a country that's free.

The thought of this place brings some folks glee.

And when things get tough, don't you forget:

You're in the Land of Opportunity where some aren't yet.


© C.E.Daffin Jr.

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My country
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