New York City

Teach me the pulsating beat of the city,

that raw, man-made harmony, smooth, yet gritty.


Surround me with hustle, bustle, chaos, an insanity,

those signs that we are dictated by our own humanity.


Dazzle me with bright lights that turn me in ev'ry direction;

the sheer confusion only adds to my growing affection.


Open my mind to the cultures abound,

nowhere else is such diversity found.


Assault me with scents widely varied, sweet, like park roses,

or sour, like the musty subways and the closeness they implore.


Humble me with the cheerful beggar, gone far too long unfed,

who pleads alone on the filthy corner for his daily bread.


Direct my view towards your impressive heights,

who stretch their cold hands to the fluffy whites.


Shock me with a messy jumble of noises everlasting,

the sound of hurried footsteps, curses shouted, horns blasting.


Open me to cutting-edge ideas so foreign to mine,

concepts capable of reinventing the world's design.


Teach me the imperfections of this journey,

that, despite the struggles, the rewards are worthy.



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