This new year, I will be Triumphant!

This past year,

I found myself, a lost bird,

knowing little of where to flutter.

Of the success of others’ my “maturity and size” , I heard.

As for my success, In prayer, day and night,I spent

and in aimless play instead of in toil and attempt.

Like a bolt from the blue, this revelation would strike me; and when it did, the year seemed to have come close to an end.

This new year, I will be Triumphant!


In the very little time since

I began deploying my fresh approach to life,

and putting in effort both in the fields of academia and athletics.

Awed and shocked, have the results left me.

Even more than the first time I found myself in quandary.

And I have discovered potential in myself.

Such that I would never have if I hadn’t taken the same pathway.

This new year, I will be Triumphant!


When I look back, my arrogance,

was what kept me repressed, I imagine.

As others censured of the extent of my competence,

in place of showing to them any different,

my vanity Imposed, within me, a lack of care and appeal.

Yet, by learning to view vanity as an instrument,

that gave me drive and strength, was I able to follow a path more fruitful.

This new year, I will be Triumphant!





So I announce, to those who doubted my diligence;

My potential, shall I never again let others interpret!

And to them I’ll show, through my newfound view of life,

This new year, I will be Triumphant!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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