A new world discovered: America

Life used to be full of energy and happiness;

No pressure and no sadness.

Simply, life seemed easy;

But soon I would become needy.


Needy for love, care, and joy;

As soon as I stepped out from the plane I knew that my life was destroyed.

Indeed, my family changed its address and moved; not across the street, rather, across the globe. 

New culture, custom, and language hurt my temporal lobe.


Would I ever get use to this new planet I landed in?

They said I reached America, so it's a win-win.

How would I know they are telling the truth?

For I am an innocent and naive youth.


Hopefully, these promises would last;

Even though the intentions are vast.

Nothing of these pleasures is eternal:

All these feelings are external.


My heart collapsed as fast as a building;

This new planet was not thrilling.

I needed to re-experience the warmth of my home country;

And reconnect with my society.


Indeed, after a long age, I knew that I was a naive youth.

The promises did last and they are the truth.

America is the land of opportunities;

Here, I was able to accomplish my dreams and make new unities.


Determination and hard work it took me;

My language and mind are now free.

English does not sound like babbling anymore;

Here is where I belong and adore.


Jointly, let's hear the birds sing freely;

As I sit on the warm American river peacefully.

Sitting with my fellow friends joyfully on the rocks,

And reflecting on the hardship I boxed.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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