New World

Time and space travel isn’t as far as it may seem.

It doesn’t take lots of science or a laser beam.

It is not magic but simply a state of mind

That can take anyone anywhere their mind can find.

Anyone can do it but not everyone tries

For this world fills heads up with lots of lies

That not everything is possible and can be achieved,

And so it happens that everyone is deceived

But I assure all is possible if one forgets practicality

For the imagination can do much more than reality.

It may not be tangible but it is as vivid as life,

And the mind can distract from the truth and life’s strife.

It starts with a focus and mindset of “I can.”

Then one can start without even a plan.

Next close your eyes and breathe in deep-

Let memories come and dreams start to seep

Into the reality that is scarred into the brain

And forget all life’s problems like clouds releasing rain.

Create a world unlike others and let fantasies bloom.

There are no limitations and no secret room.

Get lost in this world and let awe overtake,

But keep a deep focus or the world will forsake.

I find music can carry me to find the unknown-

To find the world so vast it can’t all be shown.

This world won’t exist forever but the feelings seem to last.

Soon reality is twisted with imagination and thoughts of the past.

But it’s good to escape without a fee to pay

For imagination takes us where the heart can stay.

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