New World

The world that we live in feels so cold

The attitude the world lingers is becoming so old.

So old that it is now camouflaged by the negativity human beings bleed out.

Wars and disagreements countries have, there is no other route.

Racism, sexism, feminism, we’re all slaves under society

We create our own dislikes we start to die from anxiety

The same routine every day we should be ashamed

From the burns and cuts we give the world its heart is inflamed

But maybe just maybe we can make a change

By lending a hand and throwing away the guns for exchange

By disbanding society’s social classes

And the stereotypes just turn into gases

Leaving the smog that fills our lungs

Flinging the acid that leaks from the tongues

But wait, just wait the world has a smirk

A little happiness is appearing from all of our work

The world is healing its becoming better every day

The negative appearances are becoming astray

But if, just if this was all possible

But the countries’ non agreements makes this impossible

We could do so much to make this world proud

And I promise to help that I’ve already vowed

By spreading the word of a new day

That can be bright for all we must pray

If I could get one word just one word

It would be new

Hearing the word new hopefully it’ll spew

To the entire planet, our love is pure

And our time to change will be the cure

I wish, just wish that this was reality

The happiness of the world will be universality


Guide that inspired this poem: 



this poem is suppose to motivate people to change and come together in the world.


also this poem is to hopefully show people what violence is doing the world.

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