A new true friend

Sat, 03/24/2018 - 15:40 -- Rawice

When you meet and spend some time

With a new friend who is truly kind

You'll feel a special warmth and pride

For they have touched you deep inside

Don't be scared or feel betrayed

By repressed feelings or emotions frayed

For unbeknown to your conscious mind

Your new friend may think you're quite a find

All though it may never come to pass

You will for a while love this lad or lass

For deep within us there is a void

That was touched upon by Dr. Freud

When you're exposed to their warm affection

Your heart will quickly follow that direction

Traveling with you across this heartless land

They thought enough of you to hold your hand

So be good friends, love each cherished day

For tomorrow your friendship might fade away

Friends are hard to find as you play the game

A true kind friend may not come by here again

So take each step as a moment to be lived

With a friend who shares in this simple gift .

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