A New Start

I met a boy on the first day of school
He had big brown eyes and a crooked smile
I scoffed at him at first
But then we talked for awhile
6 months later, he's a my best friend
He says what we have, it will never end
And being who I am, I believe him
But we discover reality
Get into a fight
The boy I thought meant nothing
Left me crying late at night
My daddy used to play with me
We liked to play hockey, and ski
Now he is remarried
And doesn't have time for me
The girls I thought were my friends
Made fun of me behind my back
Pointing out my flaws
And everything that I lack
My mother said forget them
Find a better friend
I didn't listen to her, and cried
This must be the end
But just when I thought I was torn apart
Another boy with brown eyes walked in
A new start.

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