New Orleans

Sky Fades Away

String are left to decay

Trails end, rails bend

Suddenly time melts away


I was on the train to New Orleans

When I saw a girl that was in my dreams


What a beautiful face 

In such a gorgeous place

What a fabulous view 

When im looking at you


What a beautiful smile 

I should stop and wave for awhile

On such a beautiful night

Her eyes shine so bright.


Oh, who is that man dressed in black and grey?

He is giving her the creepy eyes 

Now I'm not feeling ok.


That man was death himself and

He was coming for his pay,

Oh that girl over there had died in a crash

She was a ghost searching for her past


Oh 12 miles from New Orleans

Her train had crashed and

her life ended in a flash.


I was on the same train to new Orleans 

and death came and whispered to me

That girl was your future wife,

This accident had taken your lives.

You are currently in purgatory

where you will stay until you prove to me,

That you've made your peace humanity.



I was on a train to New Orleans

Nothing in my cup a fresh start for me.


I was on the train to New Orleans

When I saw a girl she was in my dreams




This poem is about: 
Our world


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