The New Monsters

What would one do if a griffin sprouted forth?

What if a dragon erupted in full flame?

Or arose the mighty Midgard Serpent of the Norse?

In another universe, a scientist is to blame

for such fantastic beasts entering the fray.


Genetic engineering is a weapon overpowered,

Especially in the hands of one genuis Dr. Wu.

It shouldn't work, but tell that to the shower

of mighty monsters now made new.


Arise the kraken, the pheonix, and let us throw in Godzilla

Perhaps too even the mighty Greek Scylla.

For in this hypothetical world

nevermind the Indo-critters

We are making something much bigger.


What more must one's imagination need?

Mad scientist, broken science, and mighty beasts of legend

All just the beggining, a tiny seed

To create a new modern legend.


A world of war

A world apart torn

By a rampant imagination

And a new titanic legion


You know they won't get along

So let them fight

nevermind humanities death song

Every day must have a night


And it would prbably make a pretty awesome movie...


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