A New Love I made


My house.
4301 Idylwood lane, Waco, Texas
United States
31° 34' 26.922" N, 97° 4' 31.8936" W

Unfit I was, high school started.

Scared of words, I suffered

Months of hunger, I chose

Not small enough, I continued.

At a time where anorexia played a factor,

Words from others became a fear.

Despite my shape, I was tired

To be this skinny was not worth it.

At the edge of death, it was time to change.

A goal to get bigger

Determined, time was not a concern.

Eating right, I began my journey

So weak, frustration was near,

I could only keep pushing.

Long months of struggle, a year was here

While others relaxed, I found a way to create stress

To find the smallest gain kept me from fear.

A new love I made,

Now, staying strong for three years

Body building changed my life.

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The favorite part of writing this poem is when I knowledged my hard work over the past few years. I am truly satisified of my gains and look forward to see what my future holds.

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