A New Heart

My heart is healthy

A doctor would say,

But I know it's not healthy

In the most important way.


It beats and it pumps,

It does its job fine;

But it's sick and it's black,

This heart of mine.


I need a transformation--

Something to make my heart new--

No, a doctor can't fix it;

A transplant won't do.


Lord, create in me a new heart,

One full of compassion and love,

A heart that is forgiving

And innocent as a dove.


Melt away my hardened heart,

Renew my mind as I pray;

Lead me and guide me

And teach me Your way.


Give me a love as godly as Yours,

And make me a great light;

Bind up my human failings,

So that I may live upright.


Help me to show the world

What a great gift You are;

Please let me spread

Your great love near and far.


Let it cover all my wrongs

And extend to those who hate me;

Let it grow in me and flourish

And make me a vessel for peace.


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