A New Day

A terrible person once wondered

"Why did I join the crew team?"

It's cold. It's wet. And it's before dawn.

They made sure everyone knew that.


A terrible person once cursed out a teacher

For being told to drop the sass.


A terrible person once considered

"What would my heroes think of me?"

They're kind. They're optimistic. And they would be disappointed.

A terrible person wept.


Someone went to crew practice one morning.

It was cold. It was wet. But the sunrise looked particularly lovely out over the water

They made sure everyone knew that.


Someone once apologized to many people

For all sorts of things, minor as they may have been

Distant as they were


Someone once thought

"I am not a good person, but I can be."

They tried to be kind. To be optimistic. To be someone their heroes would like.

They didn't always succeed, but they kept trying.


I woke up one day.

Cold. Tired. 

Crew team was a lot of fun. 

The water was calm, the sunrise gorgeous. 

One kid was complaining about how garbage they were at the sport.

I helped them get better.





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