A New Confidence (Part I)/My Daily Struggle (Part II)


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Part I
I never had the words to say, but I can quote them all
Because when words fail, music speaks
We are the cries of the class of '13, born in the age of humility
Can you believe we are the shock of existence now?
We may fail to see change, but we're never going to fade away
I'm an outsider, outside of everything 
But I am who I am; this is what I am
And there's nothing wrong with me; this is how I'm supposed to be
I don't care if I offend you or your imaginary "morals"
Because you're just a trend, just a worthless disease
And I'm not your puppet
We can't all be the same
Your eyes are open, but you can't see
Small minds tend to think alike
So question everything, or shut up and be a victim of authority

Part II
Living in shadows of scars, the past defines just who we are
How do you forgive the unforgivable?
The past is the past, and I am letting it kill me
But we can't all be perfect
I am the deepest shade of jaded
You could never understand me
And nothing I could ever write could help you understand my life
So many friends have come and gone
Everyone I know goes away in the end
And you are someone else, but I am still right here
I wrote this suffering
Because the past lives, inside the walls of my despair
Will you set me free?



This poem I wrote is a cento, Latin for patchwork, where I basically took a bunch of lines from various songs or other sources (mostly songs) and put them together to form a separate, coherent poem on their own. These are not my words, but I did edit and organize them into this poem describing how I feel most of the time at this point of my life. I would be happy to give credit at any point of my use of this poem for any situation to every source I got the lines from.

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