New Beginning

Sat, 10/04/2014 - 11:45 -- kat3949


I never felt powerful, strong, or that I made a difference

Kids often don't

I never felt my life could be impactful or have a purpose

But, that was another me, a younger me

My parents made the choice to foster

Kids who were broken, alone, and scared

I didn't know how it would all turn out

Could they trust us, could they love us

Would they hate me

It's been a long road to build strong relationships

Months of encouragement, days of support

Minutes of patience

Lots and lots of patience

But it can work, it can get turned around

Kids can trust, love, and learn to belong again

And I had a part in that, a big part

I have been the example, the model, the support

I take my role very seriously, it means a lot

These kids learn I am there for them and I see how they watch me

There is a lot of power in setting a good example, paving a solid path

And I finally feel powerful, strong, and that I made a difference

Just from being me


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