New Beginning


United States
34° 35' 38.9688" N, 118° 10' 56.9244" W

These last few years are filled with agony,
Painful memories that fill my thoughts.
I remember nothing but the bad, nothing of the good,
No loving comments from my parents,
Or thoughtful words from my peers,
Just the piecing words that run through my head.
Sometimes I wonder about my purpose here on earth,
Am I just another human to take up space,
Or another lonesome ant to be tortured by larger opponents.
No, I say.
I am more.
I tell myself that I am a flower waiting to sprout during the perfect season,
a bird who waits to learn how to fly,
a girl who waits for the perfect half.
The words they say cannot penetrate any longer
Into this soft soul.
The negative thoughts that run through my mind
Are washed away by the kind actions of others.
I love those who love me,
Love those who hate me,
For all men are created equal
And for that we should all be loved equally.


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