New Age of Cyber Media by Sanjay Kumar

Journalists used to be face of media

Magazines and newspapers used to be manifestation of their destiny

They could make or break person image for a while

They used to represent intellect breed

They used to be self-contained

Used to write more for ideology than for money

They were well respected pillar of society.


Then age of 24/7 TV news arrived

Journalists thrived the way they deliver contents written by others

Looks and voice become more valuable than substance of thoughts

Anchor journalists become celebrity

Money and liquors floated from every where

No one was averse to booze and bribes

 Even filtration with babes become acceptable to most

They become messiah of “me-too” brigade

TV ratings become barometer of success

Brokers of power and journalists become part of same cahoots.


But TV remote has made the common people smart

They can compare what is going around

Internet has empowered them to expose designer reporters

People can express what they feel right

Power brokers in India has become redundant

Tea seller is now establish PM

Established leaders in US are spineless now  

Outsider businessman has become President.

Presstitude power is shrinking fast


Social Media is King of cyber era

Specialized bloggers are new age editors

People cyber interaction is powerful weapon.

Indo-US leaders at the top, shown place to syndicated media.

New age media is people to people

New age social media is mirror to presstitude power broker.

Hope to see old editor brigade in new social media format.

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