Breath rumbles deep in the crevices

She teases our sight with the first light of the day

The spinning starts up as her clock is winded

And the people run across it so as not to fall off

The rest of us lay on her waiting to drown


Tree frogs sit in wait for when the crying begin

As the milk begins to fall the red umbrella is pulled out

On her face lays the floating sea as she rests so silently

Tortured poppies drink the rising water

Restless falling constant consumption

Although life still hides in burrows and trees


The land is solid with new liquid life

The sand feels dry as the sea pulls back

The fish sit on the sand screaming for air

Nothings sit upon the earth directionless void

North is everywhere cascading tearing me apart

South is hitting me as hard as he can with rage in each fist

And east seems to be imaginary inevitable insinuation of seething happiness

Whereas west seems to be spinning through my fingers loving every moment

I can’t seem to stop breathing the breath too deep seems to sink into me

Wishes so loudly answered crashes smashes tumbling fumbling mumbling

Unset jaw like a snake I begin from my toes unsetting letting the strings go

My body begins to feel loose and vapid with its heaviness

So easily I let my fingers go and then my toes

I let my legs go and then my legs

And I swim out my mouth

I feel my center squeeze

I am free














Where I thought I would be light I am vast

I sink to the bottom of the sea clinging to the ground

Can’t fall through the earth again I begin to scream letting out steam

The steam laughing begins to raise rises up to where the light is so bashfully sitting


On top of me

Crumbling I begin

I begin to spit out fire

The fire is taunting me

Womb of earth shriek through fire

I feel the water rushing through me sneaking into the cracks

The water rushing into me around me building upon the bosom

Suddenly the new light is touching me so gently cascading tension

My tortured body is sprawled in the water watching me grow so high

I have become a mountain of massive size leaving behind of trail of red hair


Soon I will be green and the tree frogs will hope for rain









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