Neverlands Angel

Ever wonder of how Wendy Darling drew her last breath?

You saw the sweet, charming girl gracefully walking in her periwinkle bluse dress.

But could you pierce through the walls of darkness of the depression and suicidal mess?


For you could not have seen nor ever known it,

Yet as John and Michael would play on the floor; she would lazily smile and sit.

Who could have ever guessed that this beauty could have fallen so far.


For long, she yearned to have the vivacious glimmer of the twinkling norther star,

In that instant, she wished to become beautiful, to become one.

Her mothers words raced through her adolecent mind, "Once on Earth you are done, through the 

fields of Neverland you will run."


Upon the stool she rose, balancing on the tips of her toes.

She laced her fingers upon the rope, wraping her frail nape with a rope necklace.

Finally, she jumped. Relieving herself with the sufferage, leaving her breathless.

Suddenly, everyting grew fairly quiet. No noise, no riot.


The moolight below kissed the ground, The whipping whirls of the wind whispered

the words "sleep sound".

Lay down with God oh resplendent one, and listen to the hum of nigh t critters having fun.

You have left this world upsidedown,

The little boy named Peter Pan will come through the soft night clouds above the town.


For he will fly you into the resplendent night, toward the North Star which glistening brightly in the sky.

Do not shed a tear; do not cry, for he is taking you away.

So say your "I love you's" with a "Goodbye"; to the ones you love most

without shedding a tear from your eye.


Do not close your eyes for though he holds your hand; You jump to the sky and soar; feeling free you see a land.

As he holds you close, he whispers,

"Welcome to a place, a place called Neverland. A place for all god's children taken from this cruel world.

Where you will never grow old, and always have joy. For at last you are at peace, at home, becoming a Lost Boy.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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