Never Your Fault

I lie there with my body trembling from head to toe 

I wonder what was happening to me and what would happen next,

I knew... What was occuring was not right, but i didnt know how to stop him.

I wanted with all my might to push his dark soul off of me but being 4ft tall weighing 85 lbs Age 10.

I didnt have the physical capablitiy ... His sweat from his forehead , fell and mix in the tears from my eyes.

It happen everday at 7:00 - 8:00pm I remember clearly...I just lie there weak uncapable of removing his evil spirit

He hit me the second time because I started to cry again.

But it was Never your fault, Never Your fault!

It was Never your fault for you been unsafe and me being pregnant by the time I reached 6th grade. 

Or that I'm infected with HIV at the youngest age...

Or that you didn't have the eessence to stop and think or CARE.

Everynight dreams of you on me your brother as well but when it hits 9:00 you are dress and gone.

Like nothing has even happen...

And your threatening me to keep quiet, I nod my head in fear as I sit on the edge of the bed...

It was never your fault, It was never your Fault , It was NEVER your fault, IT WAS NEVER YOUR FAULT!

Never your fault for my trusting abilities being too weak that I cant even look my Father in the eye

But soon, soon they will see

And all i could think about is it been "365" hours to match the year that went by.

On January 17, 2005 I told my mother  what you have done, ripping my childhood from the seams she cried... my father as well 

She blamed herself , I told her i forgive her , cause you didnt know ... besides it was 

Never Your Fault.

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