Never the Same

I’d always hoped the rain would wash this all away from me

To help me see the brighter parts that I can’t see.

Sorrows pervade this painted on smile

A heartbeat away from collapsing in denial.

These stars do their best to hide me under the night

Offering me some solace from that which burns bright.

Hair flowing in the midnight breeze

As leaves dance to the ground in any way they please.

Eyes have held these memories for ransom

Heart beating but feelings adrift like a phantom.

They say they know me but I know not myself

Lose me to the rain before anything else.

Something so sweet in its cold embrace

I always feel at home when it touches my face.

Freedom comes to those who see beyond their own demise

For life was never meant to last forever under the skies

We have the breezes and the stars, the moon and the rain

Emotions ever conflicting but I sit under these stars never the same.


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