Never Let Us Forget


United States
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Shipped from overseas
Shackled and chained
In slavery we had work ethics
Worked from sunup to sundown
Now every race claiming that we are lazy
In the move Birth of a Nation they portrayed us as savages
Our ancestors died for you and I
I remember when we used to have black pride
Now we committing fratricide the cousin to the genocide
I remember when we used to hold I fist high
Average age of black man to live was 25
Now we trying to be fly like birdies
But ya’ll forgetting our people were getting hung from trees in the 1930’s
Everybody got money and swag but how many of us have class
Ancestor fought for our education, separate but we were not equal
We rather not be educated but be on the streets cause we can make a quick g
We forgetting about king philosophy non violence
Now our black brothers dying so violent
Black women and fathers is crying
Cause I our young keep dying
In our raps we bragging about toting the steel
We used to be the black token

Most black men trapped in prison
Cause of their living
Inferior cause of our skin color
We used to be called nigger
Now everybody calling each other nigga’s
Struggling to get healthcare because of our welfare
We mis-educated like Carter G. Woodson said



This poem brings awareness to what hardships black individuals have had to endure throughout history, but you also bring about how there has been progress made. This would be a great poem to submit to an anti-racist cause or organization because you make the reader think about how everyone should be treated equally, regardless of skin color or race.

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