Never knowing


        She sits there in a room full of laughter and joy.

Everyone around her worried without a care.

All the people around her 

Never knowing.

As the day goes by everyone is happy to go to their homes.

Homes full of love and peace,

Somewhere to feel safe and sound.

Her sweet smile covers her fears never letting people know.

As she walks home, a home where she was never thought love just fear.

She cries knowing what happens behind those walls that is suppose to be home.

Her home.

 Opening the door where she can't lie to herself anymore.

She quietly goes to her room waiting for her nightmare to arrive.

A loud noise breaks the silence.

The man that society calls her father has come.

The man that beats her for his amusement.

The man that hates her and always makes sure the innocent girl knows it.

Going to her room with his weapon of choice.

He calls it parenting.

Teaching her daughter obedience and respect.

Like everyday since she can remember.

However today was different from the rest, no one knowing.

No one knowing she had, had enough.

No one knowing that one day she would end her suffering.

The door to her room is opened to find a corpse that has finally stop fighting for a life

A life that was never good to her.

No one knowing how lonely and scared she truly was.

No one knowing just a simple smile, one simple act of kindness could have saved her.

No one knowing that being taught love was what she needed to save her,

But that is the one lesson she never learned.







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