never judge a poem by its words


before you judge

my poems by its words

read 1st

dust off the ignorance of dirt in your heart and soul

and just read

read this poem as i reveal myself through my words

i want anybody to cast stones on my kicks

thats the 1st step

can you get through? get to it

thats the 2nd step

not many could survive the life i have lived 

and tell my story that way i know how

my 1st steps stumble me into a downward spiral

of all my trials and tribulations

i was that young man superceded by power and dominance by those

who thought they can overempower themselves

until i became that man as one

the black sheep of that woman who gave birth to me

talented by characteristics of my father's genes

what is the 3rd step? is those kicks you wearing? can you manage to get by?

i highly doubt you can handle the next set of misfortunes

deprived of my family (the whole family)

pushed into conformity of a survival, being on my own

left in the preadatory misuse of my livelihood

combined with the mishandling of my presence

what would you know the life i lived that transform me to the man i am?

it's not even a quarter of a mile

your smile, gone right?

you aging right? i can tell by looking at the change of your posture

its not straight like it use to be at one time

your walk slouches as if you are about to fall into depths of karma

that comes back to all that was done to me

despite all the judgement

you still fail to see, all the attempts to break me

while i laid there, i embrace me

while family erased me

as my hand interlock their intrusion of my being

i was deprived of unity from the ones they call family

dragging me to their web of power i took and

power i took away from them

leaving them behind

to my place where my dignity laid as i fell to my knees

to rise from that place where wombs were filled with guilt

was flushed harshly where i needed to find peace

as that glimpse of happiness opened up

here dwells demons lurking around the corner

where skeletons of my past may swarm me like killer bees

fear of their evils were my evils

i stung them with the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to me

they were stung by my forgiveness

i deprive me of young people

in order to reassure their happiness

by sealing it with a gift call life that is far better than what i have

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