Never Irrelevant Again


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There are some who’d like to think that love comes in two breeds:
Relevant and irrelevant.
To them, only as a word love is singular.
As an emotion, love comes in too many species,
And there has to be a supreme one above it all.
Why draw that line? Why say that straight is true while gay is irrelevant?
Some would say love is a tradition,
As if a bouquet of roses were never given to someone other than a lover
Or if the age-old kiss was never given chastely.
Society’s better off with the distinction, others say.
The world will never change they tout–so calmly too.
Love is only real for those that society deems it is for.
And then there are those who think the children are the true products of love.
They forget the couples that can’t have any children
And the wandering children who may never find a home.
Can we hold any longer to a flawed distinction?
I’m not alone in thinking love is all-inclusive.
With that new brand, people can just say, “I love you,”
And never be judged, never deemed irrelevant again.
Because love will never be irrelevant.


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