Never Has

Sat, 10/05/2013 - 00:03 -- a.lee1


Never has my apology

Been so deep

As the dusk my heart was

Seen for its true self

In my eyes and those of my Creator

It was a tattered, bleeding thing

Black and burned and shrunken, worthless

My repentance,

Overwhelming hopelessness and guilt

For what I had done

I had made my heart into

What it was,

And I pleaded with my Creator

To fix what I had become

To recreate me

The feeling of becoming whole,

For so long not knowing what it felt like,

I cannot describe in mortal words,

But it seemed as if the world was only then in color,

Only then fully beautiful to me,

And I felt that I was so loved by my Creator,

Nothing could ever cause me harm

Nothing on this mortal Earth had worth

In my eyes anymore,

And my eyes were directed to Heaven,

And my heart belonged to my Creator

Unhappiness came and went, yet my soul remained safe

In the palm of my Creator

My life is but a fleeting moment,

But my eternity is certain


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